Hedy Parry-Davies’ interest in three-dimensional art and craft, model making, stained glass, ceramics and working with paper led to her becoming an architect where she could see her designs materialising into three-dimensional constructions. For the past twenty years, Hedy has specialised in the conservation of historic buildings with a keen interest in traditional crafts and ‘above ground’ archaeology.

Throughout her architectural career, Hedy has maintained her interest in producing art and craft, increasingly so since 2012, and she currently works as a full-time artist.

Hedy’s work discernibly derives from her observations of the natural and the built environment, their textures and the marks left on them by time and human intervention.

Hedy lives and works in east London.

Member of ArtCan, an arts organisation which enables artists to sustain their practice.

Present and upcoming exhibitions:

  • February 2nd to March 30th, 2018, ArtCan group show ‘Square Peg‘, Circle Gallery, Sheffiled.

Past exhibitions:

  • May 2013 Writing on the Wall Byard Art Gallery, Cambridge.
  • July 2013 The Rowley Gallery, Kensington.
  • September 2013 type tasting, The London Design Festival, Victoria & Albert Museum
  • April 2014 The Flat Planet The Invisible Line gallery, Dalston.
  • January 2015 Blueprint Store Street Gallery, Bloomsbury.
  • March 2015 Tessellations M2 Gallery, Peckham.
  • January 2016 You Are Here Store Street Gallery, Bloomsbury.
  • March 2017 Urban Textures / Beautiful Decay Alan Baxter Gallery, Clerkenwell
  • August 2017 Tessellations Candid Art Summer salon 3 Torrens Street, Islington
  • August 2017 Architexture Art Window, Canary Wharf
  • September 25th – October 1st 2017 ArtCan group show “Appearance of…” A&D Gallery, 51 Chiltern Street, London W1U 6LY
  • November 7th-15th 2017 ArtCan group show “What is the point?“, Camden Image Gallery, 174 Royal College Street, London NW1 0SP
  • December 9-10th 2017, CRe8 Christmas Art Fair, St Barnabas Church Dalston.